Brooke is just fantastic. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about Macs, his customer
service is second to none.

He helped me nurse my old Mac along before it finally died, and then was very helpful in assisting me in buying a new one. He is always available, can travel to most any location in the Bay Area, and has very reasonable rates.

Plus he is just easy to work with-very friendly, communicative and very invested in helping out in any way.

A real find if you're looking for any sort of Mac help!!
-Kerry L.
    iHeartMacs is very consumer-oriented and quite willing to help the non-techy improve their understanding of the problem and the solutions. This is very unusual and I greatly appreciated their assistance.
-Sam Piha, Founder and Principal, Temescal Associates
   Brooke is a hidden treasure and I can't say how many times he has rescued me with problems and got me back up running.  He has solved issues in nothing flat that the "Genius Bar" at my Mac store was unsuccessful with. If you get a new Mac and need to transfer data he will save you countless hours of problems (and Brooke takes my new computers home with him to transfer overnight so he is "off the clock" and really saves money).

In addition to trouble shooting, he is a good natured, easy going, and patient coach with a huge knowledge of useful apps and coaching to get more out of my Mac. He has more than paid for himself just for showing me easy access to low cost or free downloads or cheaper alternatives to expensive programs.

Don't be deterred by his San Francisco address and hours. Brooke travels to East Bay and Marin, and much of his help is done with screen sharing no matter where you live, and he works after hours and over the phone with patience and good nature to answer my stupid questions.
-Art Riggs